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Looking to remodel your home? Maybe build a playroom for your kids or a patio or deck you can relax at during casual days? Remodeling is commonplace as homeowners find themselves not fully satisfied with their living conditions. Different projects tend to emerge when talking about home renovations. But for anything and everything that involves home makeovers, Vickrey Remodeling Specialist is the expert to consult. All renovation projects that take place in Indianapolis, IN are handled by the general contractor of Vickrey Remodeling Specialist. People love our affordable and timely services that meets their high expectations and demands.

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Vickrey Remodeling Specialist stands as the flagship name for remodeling company in Indianapolis, IN. We also work with clients outside Indianapolis, IN as our reputation goes widespread. Experience is something we have tons of. Vickrey Remodeling Specialist has been servicing the community for more than 27 years now. Cruising through Indianapolis, IN, you’ll find most of our work from the hundreds of houses and clients we’ve worked for in the past. Our secret to decades of success is our unyielding passion and dedication to helping clients remodel their properties. We work for the best interests of clients and not what’s best for ours.

We are specialized in Home Remodeling

We can do any kinds of Home RemodelingMany people spend months of their time looking for the perfect home. But once they do find one that meets their needs and preferences, they find some inadequacies later on thus requiring correction through a home remodeling project. Remodeling houses have remained a busy market despite the current economic collapse. It is simply because of the fact that people treat their homes as the most valuable asset and would give everything to make sure it suits their lifestyle. If you want to remodel your home but do not want to suffer costly fees, hire Vickrey Remodeling Specialist right away, because we are a trusted home remodeler in the state of Indiana!

Vickrey Remodeling Specialist is a world-class home re modeler in Indianapolis, IN and its surrounding areas. We have 27 years worth of experience and expertise backing our home remodeling services. For ages, we have helped residents achieve their dream homes without ruining their budgets. Vickrey Remodeling Specialist services both residential and commercial renovations. We’ve worked for some of the largest subdivisions and villages in Indianapolis, IN. Hundreds of homes have been transformed into better living environments with the help of Vickrey Remodeling Specialist. If you need proof, you can drive by Indianapolis, IN and we’ll point you to some of the properties we’ve remodeled in the past.

From patios to decks, gardens to lawns, fireplaces to indoor pools, Vickrey Remodeling Specialist is an all-around home remodeling contractor capable of performing all these projects. We strive to provide the complete customer service to clients through affordable bids, timely completions, and solid results. Our prices are ridiculously affordable without compromising results. We also want to be fair and precise when offering our final rates. To do this, we only provide estimates after we’ve screened your project in person and have talked to you about the project in full detail. Our contracts are also made transparent to make sure you do not pay for hidden charges and cheaper alternatives.

by Luice Franklin on Vickrey Remodeling Specialist
I am amazed

After Vickrey Remodeling Specialist project well done, my home looks amazing! They did everything that I asked for and it is simply great! I am so happy with the service those people provide to me! Thank you

If you want to cook with pleasure our kitchen remodelers can help you!

We can make your kitchen remodeling dreams come trueVickrey Remodeling Specialist is a well established company for which work experienced kitchen remodelers. We are ready to work on satisfying all of your remodeling needs. It is our goal to give you an impressive looking kitchen that you will enjoy showing off with. We have 27 years of experience in the Indianapolis, IN area and look forward to working with you for your next project. We are well-known remodeling company that can work around your budget. By hiring us, you will not waste any time or money. We will be glad to come to your kitchen and help you create an area that you will enjoy using more often. We want to help your project be as cost effective as possible so we will tailor our service around your budget offering you the best services and materials for the money value you have prepared for the kitchen remodeling project.

We can show you all sorts of space maximizing features if your home is not very spacious but you still want to fit all of your appliances and store all your food supplies in your kitchen. We want to share our knowledge and skill with you, so we offer many different remodeling services and work hard every time to make sure that you are satisfied from the quality of our work and our customer service attitude.

We can also help you pick out new cabinets and hardware: with us you can choose from many different styles and material types. The important thing, however, is to make sure that you have enough cabinet space for your needs. We will come into your home and measure the space you have in advance so we  can create the project plan that will fit your space and ideas best. We will be glad to install your cabinets in a fast and efficient way. We have tons of popular cabinet materials you can choose from, including the most popular Oak or Cherry Wood.

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you may want to change out your counter tops. Vickrey Remodeling Specialist recommends laminate counter tops are one of the most affordable options if you wish to do that. You can also choose from stone, wood, or tile, of course, but they are a little bit more pricey. There are many different options when it comes to choosing the right counter tops material, so if you are afraid you will get too confuse if you do it yourself, we can help you pick out the one that suits you best. We will be glad to discuss with you all the positives and negatives of each type of counter top material that we offer, so you will become 100% sure that you have ordered what you really wanted. Our goal is to make sure you choose a counter top that you will enjoy using for a long time to come.

We will also aid you design any other aspect of your kitchen remodeling, including your floors and walls renovation. No matter if you are interested in trying out a tile look or you wish to upgrade to hardwood floors, we are here to give you a hand.After we are done with your kitchen it will become a cosy place for the entire family. Vickrey Remodeling Specialist is a reputable name in the kitchen remodeling business. If you would like our professionals to assist you, just call (317) 873-9494. We are ready to get started on all kitchen projects regardless of their size.

Have a luxury bathroom with our bathroom remodeling services!

Do you want to convert your shower to a bathtub area? Or turn your bath into a shower? Need extra storage space? Need a medicine chest or cabinets? We’ve got it covered. Let our skilled professionals show you the latest ideas and trends in the bathroom remodeling business. If you’re looking to go green, and you want to install environmentally friendly floors, or proper lighting and ventilation in your bathroom area we can also assist you with that. With us there are so many options, and so many things to consider. Best of all is that Vickrey Remodeling Specialist will sit down with you, work with your budget and let you know exactly what you can do for the money you have assigned for the job. We will help you discover your priorities and stick to the budget and timeline that you’re comfortable with to get the job done.

We realize that a bathroom remodeling is a huge investment and that is why we strive to keep our costs low without reducing the quality of the job done. No matter if you would like to upgrade your property because you intend to sell it or you just want to enjoy taking a bath more than before, Vickrey Remodeling Specialist can be at your service. As a well-known bathroom remodeler, we operate throughout the Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area and can do free onsite estimates if the projects require that. If you hire us you can rest assured that the job will be done fast, efficient and that no mess will be left behind. If you have any questions concerned to our services, you may find an answer in our FAQ page!

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